Acopino Wine Cooler BC48

Acopino BC48 Wine Cooler

This elegant wine cooler fits perfectly with your established interior decoration. Its feets are adjustable in height and are matching perfectly with the spatial conditions. The ceiling lamp conveys a comfortable well-being. Your noble wines will be presented with a hint of extravagance and its glazed door allows you and your guests always a good look in the interior.

Cooling by thermoelectric, a small fan in the back provides fresh and cooled air and scatters the air through the interior. By hearing a small hissing of the fan, this little electrical wine cooler cares for your perfectly temperated wine. Fitting with its compact dimensions nearly in each room, the BC48 can be used as minibar in hotel rooms and bedrooms.

To adjust the cooling temperature just turn the small mechanical turing button in the right upper side in the interior of the Acopino BC48. The thermostat is equipped with a LED light.

Technical data:

  • 16 bottles of wine
  • capacity: 46 litres
  • weight: 14kg
  • power: 70 Watts
  • automatical defrosting
  • double glazing
  • black door with recessed grip
  • three chromed bottle holdings
  • no squeezer, very quiet (25db)
  • no freezing agents
  • enviroment friendly
  • reliable and efficient
  • temperature range: 11 – 18°C
  • dimensions: W*D*H 43cm*48cm*51cm