Acopino Trieste electric coffee grinder


The Acopino Trieste electric coffee grinder provides an even and precise coffee grind. This high-quality coffee grinder is equipped with a hardened steel disk grinder, as well as freely adjustable coarseness settings and a removable collecting tray for the grinded coffee powder.
You can use this ginded coffee of your Acopino Trieste electric coffee grinder in a classical stainless steel espresso machine with a portafilter or in a common coffee machine with a common filter paper. Freshly grinded coffee tastes awful and is going down well.

Technical Informations ofAcopino Trieste electric coffee grinder

  • output: 130 W
  • 43 mm disk grinders
  • bean hopper with storage capacity for 250g
  • voltage/ frequency: 230VAC – 50HZ (120VAC – 60HZ)
  • measurements: 15 x 31 x 19 cm
  • weight: 2,8 kg