Acopino Oderzo Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Acopino Oderzo Fully Automatic Coffee MachinePreparing six different hot drinks – with only two steps!
Modern design and classy elegance – thats the new Acopino Oderzo. Integrating in your existing kitchen, this Fully Automatic Coffee Machine is an eye catcher for every visitor. Its dual boiler system provides with optimal grinded coffee beans all around perfectly brewed Espresso. With its easily handled touch screen you can make creamy cappuccino and silky Latte Macchiato with only two steps. In no time at all you can make hot water, hot milk or frothed milk for the kids with your new Acopino Oderzo.

User friendly handling
The handling of this fully automatic coffee machine is easy and intutiv with its integrated Touch-Screen. Explicit symbols show you different coffee specialities. All needed informations are screened at the display. The handling of the Acopino Oderzo occured exclusive with this symbols, indeed its menu navigation in the adjustment is verbalized. You can change the language to eight different languages, e.g. german and english.

Coffee beans or grindet coffee?
No problem for our Acopino Oderzo. If you want to use grinded coffee instead of coffee beans, you can put the appropiate amount in the powder funnel and use the according symbol at the display.

Intelligent error system
Our Acopino Oderzo Fully Automatic Coffee Machine recognizes the lack of water, coffeebeans or an upcoming decalcification by itself. An appropriate symbol appears at the touch screen and illustrated, what to do.

Timer functions
Our Acopino Oderzo has different special timer functions. You can use a weekly timer, which you can adapt with your daily standup time.

Programmable and changeable beverage settings
All beverage settings like coffee temperature, coffee amount, coffee strength, frothing time für frothed milk can adjusted during the preparation time. They are also changeable in the main fuctions – your individual beverage settings.

Technical Informations

  • Power: 1250 – 1450 Watts
  • Max. pump pressure: 19bar
  • Voltage: 220- 240V
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 410x210x365mm
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Water tank: 1,6 litres of capacity
  • Dreg drawer: 8 Cookies
  • Bean container: 250g of capacity
  • Coffee sprout: 70 – 110mm
  • Adjustable coffee amount: 20 – 250ml
  • Adjustable coffee temperature: 75° – 90°C
  • Adjustable water temperature: 75° – 95°C
  • Color: black-silver

    User Manual for Acopino Oderzo

    fully automatic coffee machine

    Acopino Oderzo User manual (7 MB)