Acopino Modena Fully automatic coffee machine

Highest coffee enjoyment with our new Acopino Modena


This high quality fully automatic coffee machine is espescially qualified for first-time user. Producing delicious espresso in a breath or use the steaming cone to foam milk and create exquisite cappuccino.

Producing italien coffee delicary or hot water for tea, hot milk or foamed milk is possible with our Acopino Modena.

The handling is very easy thanks to expressive buttons.

The handling of your Acopino Modena occured by the buttons at the front panel of the machine. All neccessary informations are displayed at the LCD display. Hot milk and foamed milk are produced by the rotary switch button at the stoaming cone.

5times adjustable grinder

With its adjustable grinder you can conform the coffee powder to your desires. Choose the highest attitude for a strong espresso, for a gentle coffee use the finest attitude.

Interfere the process every time!

With our Acopino Modena you can interfere in the process of producing beverage at every time. For example to attitude the coarseness settings of the grinder or to adjust the amount of espresso or to define the period of steaming.

Individual preparation

You can influence the preparation of every hot drink in the menu of your Acopino Modena.

This Acopino Modena can be used with coffee beans and grinded coffee poweder both.

  •  heatable cup parking area
  • automatic cleaning and flushing programms
  • easy removeable water tank
  • Can be used with coffee beans and coffee poweder both
  • easy removeable drip pan
  • easy removeable pad container
  • adjustable coffee output (80 – 115mm)
  • output: 1200 W
  • voltage/ frequency: 220VAC – 240VAC
  • pump pressure: 15 bar
  • capacity of bean container: 250g
  • capacity of water tank: 1,8L
  • dimensions(B x H x T): 450 x 302 x 370 mm
  • weight: 11,5 kg
  • colors: silver, white, piano black