Acopino Mini Cooler BC50A

Acopino Mini CoolerAlways right temperated soft drinks und other beverages – the mini cooler of Acopino can be used for cooling easy perishable goods in the hotel room, the bureau or the summerhouse. With its compact dimensions und its wide interior, this mini cooler of Acopino has enough space for your beverages during the summer.

Interior of the Acopino Mini Cooler BC50A

The interior of this mini cooler is 48 litres big and you can devide it with its two included metall shelfes. There are three different insertion slots, so you can seperate the interior with the metall shelfes differently – even big beverages have enough space.


The thermostat is situated in the upper right corner of the interior and can be used as a simple switching knob. Just choose the right attitude for your favourite cooling temperture. You can choose between seven different cooling steps.
In ideal case (clima N) the BC50A cooles between 7 and 11°C.

Fan of the Acopino BC50A Mini Cooler

Supporting the cooling function, a small fan in the inside spreads the cooled air and works silently.

Technical informations

  • adjustable thermostat: 6-10°C
  • usable interior: 48 litres
  • the interior is lightened by a LED
  • Weight: 15kg
  • extremely silently working mode, the BC50A works without an kompressor, he works thermo electric
  • Dimensions (W*H*D): 430 * 520 * 490
  • Voltage: 220 – 240V/ 50Hz

clima efficiency of the Acopino BC50A Mini Cooler

  • clima class: N
  • The clima class „temperated zone“ is marked with the symbol „N“ for an averaged temperature of 16 to 32°C.
  • application rate 24h: 0,56kW/h
  • Airborne noise emitted: 30dB

The legal stuff to ENVKV in combination with the delegate decree (EU) Nr. 1060/2010 of the commision:
Energy efficiency class: C (at a scale from A+++ (best efficiency) to G (lowest efficiency).
Annual energy consumption (AEc): 204 kWh / year (energy consumption in kWh / year at the base of the results of a norm test during 24h. The real energy consumption depends on the usage and the place of the machine).