Acopino Aircooler LL12

Acopino Aircooler Luftkühler LL12Never again: bad air or close and dry air!

Thanks to its big ventilator the Aircooler LL12 of Acopino creates fresh and cool air. You can choose between three different wind directions, its additional plates changes the square of the air direction.

Its watertank with a capacity of 12 litres allows a total cooling time of 9 hours to cool the sleeping chambre during a hot summer night. Thanks to its low noise emission, the Acopino Aircooler LL12 can be work during the whole night without disturbing.

Method of operation

The Aircooler sucks the dry interior air and guides it through a double dust filter, where the air would be cleaned. The filter is like a sponge and enriched with water from the water tank. Thanks to the enrichment with wetness, the air would be cleaned and cool down. This cooled and cleaned air flows through the filter panels and leaves the Aircooler LL12 as cooled air flow. Small and medium-sized rooms can be provided with fresh air.

You can choose between three different wind speeds and with the swing motion you can arrage the cooling function at the circumstances.


You can operate your Acopino Aircooler LL12 completly with the included remote control. Also you can operate your Aircooler with the colored display at the device.

There are no ristrictions in the location like common clima devices and you can use the Aircooler LL12 also when the window or door is open. The device mustn’t positioned near by the window, it needn’t an outgoing air tube. Neiter windows or doors haven’t been closed.

The water tank (12 litres of capacity) must be filled up once a day when the device runs out the whole day and it mustn’t been watched during the whole working time. The device works like a ventilator and the cooling functions turns of, when the water tank goes empty.

Eco friendliness

Compared to common climate devices, the Aircooler of Acopino has an energie consumption of 160 Watts and an air flow rate of 1200m³. Even large roomes can be cooled down to an comfortable temperature.

The Aircooler of Acopino works without the usage of chemical products. It just works as evaporative air cooler to improve the indoor climate and to reduce the indoor temperature by the air freshing function. The air would be cleaned and enhanced with wetness. Dry and heated indoor air would be changed to comfortable indoor air. It also gives you a better resistance against coughs and sneezes during the winter.

Technical Data

  • Power: 160 Watts
  • Air flow rate: 1200m³/h
  • Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
  • 3in1: Air cooler, Air fresher and Air cleaner in one device
  • Evaporative air cooler with air cleaning function to enhance the dry indoor air with wetness
  • strong ventilator with low noise emission
  • dual dust filter
  • control panel with LED display
  • controlling via user interface or with remote control (range of 6m)
  • Ionization function
  • Easy to transport thanks four 360° -wheels
  • Timer: 1 – 9 hours
  • Water tank: 12 litres of capacity with filling level indicator
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Dimensions (W*H*D): 445*960*330mm