Acopino Delicato Slow Juicer

Acopino Delicato Slow Juicer In the field of slow juicers the Acopino Delicato is the new whole slow juicer of Acopino. Its especially low speed of the screw enables a high juice extraction level – up to 85%. Its gentle processing secures 50% more vitamines and than regual juicers.

Whole Slow Juicer – fast vitality!

Already during the preparation for a fresh juice, the ingredients lost vitamins and nutrients. The fruit and vegetables are peeled, divided and cut in smaller parts. The cut surface is exposed to oxygen and starts to change the color – it gets brown. Vitamins and nutrients are quickly lost after the slicing.

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The Acopino Delicato is a whole slow juicer and can gather whole fruits and vegetables, nutrients and vitamins are save. You also can save your time, because you havn’t peele, devide or cut the fruits.


  • saving time
  • higher juice extraction level
  • höher extraction of vitamins and nutrients


You just have to put a cup of water in the working srew of the Acopino Delicato and the rough arrears of the fruits are washed out. A final washing of the screw and the meshes below lowing water removes the remaining deposits.

Feeding cylinder with double swing flap

The real special of the Acopino Delicato is the innovative double swing flap. The fruits and vegetables are sliding very slow though the flap in the way though the srew without external influence and only by the rotary motion of the screw. The optimal entrance angle and the optimal entrance speed is guarenteed.

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Juice extraction level

The amount of juice which is extracted from the vegetables and fruits are around 85%. Thanks to the double swing flap no external and manually outer influence with a pusher is necessary. The fruits and vegetables are sucked in by the motion of the screw, the fill in speed is optimal determined. The fill-in funnel cares for the optimal angle of the fruits and vegetables during the fill-in process.

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The slow speed of the screw also cares for the preservation of vitamins and nutriants. Only 45 rounds per minute enables a high juice extraction level and a high concentration of vitamins and nutrients.


Acopino Delicato Slow Juicer in Champagner

Technical Data

  • Model: whole slow juicer
  • Power: 250 Watt
  • Round per minute: 45
  • System: low speed slow juicer
  • Capacity juice container: 500ml

Product Video

Acopino Delicato Product Video

Acopino Delicato user manual