Acopino Espresso Cappuccino Machines

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Functionality and design

Our Acopino Espresso machines are the perfect choice if you don’t want to miss out on a distinctive espresso flavor while also putting great importance on a typical Italian design. This Acopino portafilter machine was specially designed for home use and everyone who is looking for professionalism and quality for their domestic purposes. Preparing high quality espresso or cappuccino will be easy with our machines.

Clear lines and stainless steel

Our Acopino espresso machines impress with their clear, simple lines and elegant stainless steel casing. Our machines are an amalgamation of style and technology – bringing not only the newest technology into your home, but modern elegance as well.

Quality and customer service

We guarantee a long lifetime for our machines due to the use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, as well as our high-quality manufacturing. Venezia, Milano, Siena, Trieste and Messina: the names of our machines already say it. Whether it’s an espresso machine or a coffee grinder, our Acopino products are manufactured in Italy, the home of espresso. Acopino espresso machines and coffee grinders are all „Made in Italy“. And even our fully automatic coffee machines were partly designed in Italy.

If you have problems with one of our products regardless, our capable customer service is readily available to assist you. We will provide support and advice long after the purchase of our products.